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The lights within

A book about life in the shadow of anxiety, fear, and hope.

Written through chemotherapy and surgery, through exhaustion, insecurity, and disbelief.


From the first cancer diagnosis until it seems the life-threatening decease has given in.


20 honest, clever thought-provoking short chapters about life in times of uncertainty.


The texts are philosophical, journalistic, rational and emotional. Some about death, 


but, they are all about life.


The book has been written between October 2018 through June 2019.

reader's reactions:


This is a beautiful, moving, dramatic and majestically written book

- almost like poetry

A strong and moving collection of texts! I am impressed by this scientifically researching writer trying to understand the origins of and the reasons for cancer while her own soul is being tested and there is no answer to her personal trials. Cancer or not the lights within are burning - full on

You are an eminent storyteller with a strong love of life itself

♥️Loved this book!

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